Company History and Philosophy

The E. F. Lombardi Company is a value/added, service/marketing oriented sales agency that is committed to retaining quality personnel both in sales and administration to promote and practice synergistic selling techniques for our factory principals.

E. F. Lombardi Company, as we are structured today, is a new company formed under an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The employees purchased the company from E. F. (Gene) Lombardi on January 10, 1995. We continue to foster the reputation earned and practiced throughout the history of the Lombardi Company since it was originally founded August 1, 1950. The combinations of honesty, confidence of factory principals, personnel and customer relationships have contributed to our growth and successes. Through the years, all the above have allowed us to be chosen for many national awards for profit, total sales achievement and greatest increase in sales for many of our factories.

The E. F. Lombardi Company is a warehousing electrical manufacturers representative company, operating from our office and warehouse at 2101 Freedom Drive, Charlotte, NC. The total area of our office and warehouse is approximately 60,000 square feet. This affords us ample space to warehouse the majority of the lines where factories want local stock.

E. F. Lombardi Company currently represents electrical product manufacturers (list enclosed) in North Carolina and South Carolina.

E. F. Lombardi Company presently has a customer base of approximately 400 recognized electrical distributors with good paying records. We also make regular scheduled calls on consulting engineers, investor owned utilities, the larger electrical contractors, industrial plants and municipalities.

The Board of Directors of E. F. Lombardi Company are Carter Drinkard, President; Rick Emery, Vice-President; Vicky Warren, Secretary-Treasurer; and David Cox, Manager Inside Sales. We have 5 Territory Managers that represent our factory principals. Our Territory Managers spend 80% of their time promoting our lines to electrical distributors and 20% devoted to specification with consulting engineers, large contractors, trade shows, counter days, industrial plants, etc. Inside, we have 4 warehouse employees, 1 truck driver, 8 customer support representatives (inside sales) and 2 administrative personnel.

We serve both our distributors and factory principals in our every day practice of doing business with dignity, respect, dedication and a desire that is genuine and sincere.

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* To access the manufacturer’s individual websites, visit our Product Line Page.